We have to convince you of the power of NanoProtech subject our products to a series of tests, the results can be found on this page:

The best protection against corrosion

The anti-corrosion properties of NanoProtech we have tested by means of a so-called salt-spray test. This is a standardized test method where metal pieces are placed with different coatings in a conditioned test chamber. Subsequently, they are sprayed for a certain period with a spray of sodium chloride solution (salt water). This accelerates the corrosion process which will allow rapid insight into the performance of the coating. This test was conducted in accordance with the standard ASTM B117, for a period of 96 hours. For comparison, we used other products in this test. The results you can see below:

NanoProtech heeft de beste bescherming tegen corrosie

Accredited laboratory UKAS cert number 0366. (ASTM.B117-09 /BS.EN ISO 9227:2006/DIN.50.021-SS)

Excellent lubricating characteristics

The lubricating characteristics of NanoProtech were tested in a so-called 4-Ball Wear Test. This test is primarily used by the producers of lubricants in order to determine the anti-wear properties of lubricating oils and greases. In this official ASTM D-4172 test method a steel ball under load is taken against three stationary steel balls which are immersed in the lubricant to be tested. The rotational speed, load, temperature and friction force are controlled and analyzed by means of special sensors and software. After completion of the test the wear spots on the steel ball are measured and inspected under a microscope. The following applies: the smaller the wear scar (the "scar"), the better is the performance of the lubricant. The results of the test are shown in the table below:

Ultieme smeereigenschappen

UK accredited laboratory test report number T20130710-0714 ASTM D4172