Super Lubricant NANOPROTECH


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Unique features

Purpose: the product is unique as it replaces 100% of moisture. Compared to other lubricants, NANOPROTECH Super Lubricant penetrates, lubricates and protects for long. A stable invisible nanocoating stops creaking and protects from wear for a minimum of 1 year. It is recommended to use the product for any movable mechanisms. The product significantly extends the service life of a device as well as equipment.

Properties: the product stops metal creaking and protects from wear and any kind of moisture for a long time. Nanoparticles penetrate into the structure of the applied surface, displace moisture, clean from corrosion, and build a coating that reduces friction and wear. The product does not lose its properties at large temperature range from - 80ºC to +140ºC. It is harmless for all materials and can penetrate to hard-to-reach spots. The product can be applied on wet surfaces and maintains its elasticity.

Application areas: locks (deadlocks, padlocks, external and internal locks), hinge (car hinge, door and window hinges), chains, rubbing and sliding mechanisms, fasteners (bolts, screws), faucets, rubber washer, plastic mounts, drawers, garden equipment, fish-tackles, fire-arms.

Safety precautions: the can is under pressure. Keep away from direct sunlight and do not heat up to the temperature above + 50ºC.Do not store and spray nearby open fire, scorching objects, or current-carrying devices. Keep away from children. Do not open the can even after the aerosol ran out. Use in well-ventilated places. If the spray got to eyes, wash eyes with water. If the spray got to skin, wash skin with water and soap. The product is inflammable. After use or shelf life expiration, discard as domestic waste. The spray does not destroy the ozone layer.

Usage instructions: shake the can before use. Spray 20-30 cm away from the surface. After application on the surface, nanocoating grips within 10 minutes. If necessary, remove any excess spray. Wait for 24 hours to get the best protection.
Consumption: one can for 2 sq.m. It is recommended to apply at the temperature range from - 20ºC to +35ºC.

Duration of action: more than 1 year after application provided the storage and usage conditions are observed

Composition: highly refined mineral oil, anticorrosion additives, antioxidants, dearomatized paraffin and naphthene hydrocarbons, NANOPROTECH formula, hydrocarbon propellant. Super Lubricant is a hi-tech product.

Shelf life: 5 years
Volume: 210 ml
Net weight: 150 g
Production date is on the bottom of the can.